About MTS

You may find yourself with a used electronic device and you may not know what to do with it. You may encounter obstacles on the way of getting the best out of it. What is the best price for my electronic asset? Where can I sell it? Does it have enough value to be sold? You don’t have to wonder nor wander no more.

Founded in 2012, MTS trading provides all the answers to your questions and all the solutions to your problems. When three young men decided to make the concept of “Cash for Electronics”, a path in which we envisioned to offer a seamless customer service and a fair price. To do so, we gathered a team of skilled individuals to help get through this journey.

With the help of data collection we were able to adapt our market to meet the needs of our agents and gain leverage over the local market. In addition to creating a market that is private with a zero landfill policy for used electronics.

MTS cares about our environment which is why we implemented a “Go Green, Get Green” initiative that only reinforces the Company’s values and ethics as well as its drive to contribute in saving our planet. 

Our Mission

Through our passion and commitment to our clients we were able to deliver the most innovative products, to manage the customer experience and to conquer the  challenges imposed by the financial market. Our love and  dedication to what we do allows us to become a better  company for  ourselves, for our clients, our community and the world.

Along our path we have vowed:

·  To establish a market place for second hand electronic devices.

·  To offer you the best prices out of your second hand devices

·  To provide you with the best Tech Support in order to reduce the hassle you may encounter when selling your device.

·  To participate in protecting the environment by offering alternative use for second hand electronic devices. 

Our Vision

We aim to be your trusted resort when you find yourself with a second hand device. As well as achieving the status of a premium company operating locally and internationally, and providing a complete range of services that will help our agent’s businesses through innovative technologies to reach and maximize the same.

At MTS we managed to expand our product catalog to over 2,000 product SKU (stock keeping units), as well as increasing the service offered to over 25,000 trade-ins and pay out hence, accomplishing more than 1,000.000 AED worth of used electronics by 2017.  We were also able to launch the latest version of our website to be more dynamic which represents the largest overhaul of our website in history. The completely redone site expands our instant price quotes to meet the expectation of bulk deals SMB and enterprise. The supported categories are listed below:

- Computers

- Tablets

- Mobiles

- Smart watches

- iPods/MP3 Players.

Throughout our years of services we imposed upon ourselves a set of values that led us to where we are today. In order to service you the best way we can we abide by our values and we present ourselves as:

· Dedicated: Our hard work is the reason why we are where we are today. We pursued our dreams and never derailed.

Innovative: We owe to be clever in our approach, which is why we try to be the first to offer new solutions for arising problems.

· Adaptive: Our goal is to be as flexible to your demands as possible, which is why we work around your demands and adapt our market to tailor it to your needs.

· Trustworthy: Have faith that we will offer you the best prices
· Loyal: We made a commitment to service you the best way we can 
· Approachable: Our team of skilled professionals are always ready with a smile on their faces.
· Respectable: We respect the goals we set to achieve which is why we are devoted to offer you the best.