Our Services

Whether you are an individual that owns a used electronic, or whether you are a Company looking for a solution to manage a range of used electronics, MTS is here to provide the market for you. We aim to extend the lifespan of your used device by selling it.

Used electronics Retailing and Buying

No matter the condition of your device, we will give it a new life in order for it to see the light of day again in the hands of another user. We offer a solution for the following group of devices:

- Computers

- Tablets

- Mobiles

- Smart watches

- iPods/MP3 Players

Retail and E-Commerce

You can access our services by visiting our online store. You can either buy, replace or sell. You can also visit our retail point and our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Our Environmental Approach:

Electronics can be one of the toughest items to recycle. At MTS we provide a solution for said problem. Recycle by re-selling electronics. 

We also implement several environmental initiatives to help keep our Environment Green, toxin- free and pollution-free.